The Office for Foreign Relations and Information is an intelligence service of the Czech Republic. Its principal goal, effort and mission is to provide foreign intelligence vital for the security and protection of foreign policy interests and economic policy interests of the Czech Republic.
Intelligence Community of the Czech Republic

About Us

Our website is divided into three main sections: About Us, For You, With You. These sections include everything that the website contains, arranged in logical units.

The section About Us, in which you are right now, gives you basic information on our service. It informs you about the mission of the service, its work and its internal structure. Here you can find out who the current director of the service is and who held this office in the past.

In addition, this section provides information on who we cooperate with within the Czech Republic and on the international scene as well as information on control mechanisms by which our activity can be controlled.

The section also includes a link providing a brief description of the history of the service within the context the establishment of the independent Czech state and a link concerning the emblem and the motto of our service, which symbolize values that we appreciate and do our best to comply with during the performance of our work.




In the world of intelligence one cannot do the job without knowing the language of business. Here are some key terms for your convenience.

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