The Office for Foreign Relations and Information is an intelligence service of the Czech Republic. Its principal goal, effort and mission is to provide foreign intelligence vital for the security and protection of foreign policy interests and economic policy interests of the Czech Republic.
Intelligence Community of the Czech Republic

Our Internal Arrangement

The Office for Foreign Relations and Information is headed by the Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Minister of the Interior with the Government consent. The Minister of the Interior is accountable to the Government for the Office's activity and through him the Office is tasked.

The following deputies are subordinate to the Director:

  • Deputy for Intelligence and Operations, who is answerable for the coordination of the activities of the Operational Departments, is in charge of the Analysis (this department analyses all-source intelligence, processes it and elaborates intelligence releases), Signals Intelligence (the so-called SIGINT) and foreign , accountable for communication and exchange of intelligence with foreign partners;

  • Deputy for Logistics, who is responsible for the Finance and Logistics, Communication and Information Technology, Archives and Administration, Legal Affairs, Personnel and Training.

Directly subordinated to the Director are Advisors including the Spokesman of the Office and those who are responsible for the areas of Security and Defence, Inspection and Control.

UZSI internal arrangement

UZSI internal arrangement




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