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The bases of the current intelligence system of the Czech were laid in 1993 and 1994. At that time, the existing institutions were reformed or completely new institutions were established as it was required by the process of the break-up of the Czechoslovak federation and the establishment of independent successor states, i.e. the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

On 1 January 1993, the Office for Foreign Relations and Information of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic become the foreign intelligence service of the independent Czech Republic. It was a successor organisation of the Office of Foreign Relations and Information of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The foreign intelligence service using the current name Office of Foreign Relations and Information (UZSI) become an independent institution on 30 July, 1994 by Act No. 153/1994 Coll. on intelligence services of the Czech Republic.

The further development of the service was determined by the needs of the new Czech state and challenges that the new state faced. At that time UZSI focused on the development of a new legal framework of its activity, recruitment and professional training of new employees, implementation of modern communications and information technologies, adoption of new methods of collecting and processing information and, last but not least, on the establishment and improvement of international cooperation.

The improvement in these areas has led to a significant quantitative as well as qualitative increase in the service's production. Today UZSI is a respected partner of those state institutions that, in accordance with the service's mission, are addressees of the service's information. UZSI is also a dignified representative of the Czech intelligence community on the international scene.

Directors of the foreign intelligence service of the Czech Republic

  • 6.10.2022 - now Vladimír Posolda
  • 07/2022 – 08/2022 Petr Mlejnek
  • 09/2018 – 07/2022 Marek Šimandl
  • 07/2014 - 09/2018 Jiří Šašek
  • 06/2007 - 06/2014 Ivo Schwarz
  • 10/2006 - 05/2007 Jiří Lang
  • 10/2004 - 09/2006 Karel Randák
  • 03/2001 - 09/2004 František Bublan
  • 09/1998 - 02/2001 Petr Zeman
  • 01/1993 - 08/1998 Oldřich Černý

Directors of the foreign intelligence service of the ČSFR

  • 09/1990 - 12/1992 Radovan Procházka
  • 07/1990 - 08/1990 Přemysl Holan
  • 05/1990 - 06/1990 Bohumil Kubík
  • 01/1990 - 04/1990 Přemysl Holan